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Contemporary Art Jewelry is harmony of color, form, texture, and proportion, balanced to make visible, wearable art. 

When I first started creating jewelry, I knew from the first moment, that I had found my perfect occupation.

A Fine Arts graduate with a BFA in Interior Design, I worked for many years in Architecture as a Commercial Interior Designer.  My training and career involved working with architectural materials, details, colors, textures, and furnishings. My first career was a fertile training ground for my current jewelry design passion / career.

For me, the world of design is amazing because there is always something new to learn, and inspiration can come from any thing or experience.  The constant search for new and innovative materials, combined with the challenge of learning new skills to create the work that my mind envisions, makes each day in my studio fresh and fulfilling.

On discovering this  quotation by Oscar Wilde , I knew that i had found my life's mantra :
"One should either be a work of Art or wear a work of Art."  My preference is for both.